Membership consists of adults ages 16+ years of age.

Drop-ins are currently not permitted for the remaining of the Winter Season.

Badminton rules can be found on the Badminton World Federation website here.

House Rules: We will use the 21- point rally system.  Only doubles and mixed doubles games are permitted, unless attendance is exceptionally low and one or more courts are available for singles’ play. Also please limit your warm-up time in order to maximize the number of games per evening.

Equipment: Nets and birds are provided. Please bring your own racket, and wear non-marking athletic footwear.

Safety: For safety and liability reasons, only paid members can be on the courts during play.  Please stand clear and walk around the courts during play.  We ask that if you are not playing that you leave the gym and stay in the hallway to observe the games, stretch, socialize, pick your next game, etc.

Children are not permitted on the court.

Guests fees: $10 per person per evening payable at the beginning of the night.  Please note that guests will not be permitted if there are more than 30 members in attendance during the evening of play.