Name Tags

Remember how fun it was that night where we had all that name tag confusion :/ lol

Unless otherwise stated, name tags are routinely made using the first name of the person who paid for membership. This is also usually the name that is listed on roster ( We are more than happy to use any other name you’d prefer but the only way we’d know this information, is if you tell us. Please also note that we need a way of linking your preferred name to your membership payment so I’ll be adding your preferred name to the membership list as well.

I’ll be at the velodrome correcting any name tags with preferred names tonight between 8:20 and 8:30 PM. Please come at that time if there if you tag needs correction.

Thanks for everyone’s help in this matter,



3 thoughts on “Name Tags

  1. Hi Leanne , Thanks for your email and it was the ONE name who made confusion lol ( KHURRAM ) , But you fix my name already , thanks for that . Please you can save my name as KHURRAM Muhammad for all future correspondence. Thanks again and see you tonight .


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