Winter Membership, Appreciation Night and other misc information

1. Winter Membership is CLOSED and our roster has been finalized. Due to limited space, only those listed on the roster may play in the 2022-2023 Winter Season. If your payment was summitted but not taken by us, please cancel this payment.

2. Winter members, please check the roster and confirm that your name is listed. If are not listed but we have obtained your membership fees, please email us as soon as possible.

3. We are all returning members. Please reuse your name tag from last season. If you need a new tag, please let Leanne know.

4. Summer session ends October 13, 2022. Winter session begins October 18, 2022. We are not permitting guests to play at this time.

5. If you want to add an emergency contact to your profile with the club, please email us with the name and phone number of this person (optional).

6. Thank you to those who let us know that they’ll be joining us at Ned Devine’s! There is still time to sign up! A final headcount is required by October 10, 2022.


9 thoughts on “Winter Membership, Appreciation Night and other misc information

  1. Hi. It was really disappointing to see that no memberships were offered for new members. Please post if anything becomes available.


  2. Hi,

    This is Sri Bhamidipati (a.k.a Raja), my name is not listed on the roster, but fees was detected

    Can please check, if you have any questions you can also reach out to me at 6472746469

    Thank you


    • Membership for returning members was open for 3 weeks and all members who applied during that time were let into the club. Please follow up to stay up to date on membership enrollment.


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