Some MBC updates and housekeeping

Welcome again to our new and returning Members! The summer session is well underway. Here are a few items that some members have been asking about.

  • Summer Roster: Our summer roster is up-to-date. Please visit and confirm your name is found on the roster. If you are not listed or require revisions to this list, please contact us.
  • Use the Player Board: Please use the board to identify games. When we don’t use the board, players get accidentally left out of rotation. New name tags have been ordered for our new members and are expected in by next week.
  • Rankings: New players with no raking (green/beginner, blue/intermediate, red/advanced, yellow/competitive) should have a rating within 4-6 weeks of starting their membership at the club.
  • Guest Policy and Membership: In order to allow more play time for members, we will not be permitting guests to join at this time; however, we still have room for new members!
  • Testing Li Ning Birds: If you haven’t done so yet, please test the Li Ning birdies that are circulating on the courts. All feedback on these birds is appreciated! Please email us at with your comments.


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