Interested in Playing with MBC this Summer?

Let us know if you plan on playing with us this Summer by participating in our poll! It will assist in planning the summer session and help establish how many gyms we may need. Membership is expected to be $275 and run from April to September 2022. Details are still in the works and may change.

If you are UNSURE if you will be joining, please DO NOT complete this form. Current members and those who sign up with interest will get priority into the Summer Session. Those who sign up and decide to not join will not get priority in the Winter 2022/23 session (because it makes our planning just a little bit harder – thanks for understanding!).

This is gauging interest only. Participation in this poll DOES NOT REGISTER YOU in the 2022 summer session nor does it secure you a spot in the summer session. Email should you have any questions. This poll will close on February 21, 2022.


5 thoughts on “Interested in Playing with MBC this Summer?

  1. Hi Leanne!!

    Hope everyone is keeping well!
    I fully plan on coming back for summer….but, believe it or not, haven’t had MRI in my knee yet!! Got appt in May 9th 😒😞🤬
    I am currently in Scotland visiting family, am back on March 6th….will try to come out to play probably the week of the 14th….then we’ll see how the knee behaves!!

    Take care….see you then 😁


    From Laura’s iPhone
    ……always on the go!!!! 🙂


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