Winter Badminton Starts tonight/Move to the Leisure Center

Please read this post in its entirety as there has been some important updates from the Town that you must be aware of:

  1. Our club has moved play to the MILTON LEISURE CENTER (MLC) located at 1100 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 6H7. We are NOT playing at the Velodrome. Our schedule and black out dates have been posted on the schedule.

2. Please read the MLC Gym Facility Protocol Version 1 prior to play.

3. The MLC exit out of the building is via the door at the end of the gym (South side), which means that members cannot be standing at the seating area.

4. Badminton starts at 8:30 PM. Members cannot be on to the court before execs arrive and the signup sheet is signed.  Starting play before executive arrival can result in a loss of the facility and result in loss of MBC Membership. Executive members are Vinu, Raj, Leanne or Saki.

5. The current roster can be viewed here. Only those on the roster will be permitted to play. If you are not on the roster but feel you should be, please contact us today by 4:00 PM.

6. This roster will display an asterisk (*) next to your name if your email and phone number have been provided for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes. If you name does not have an asterisk next to it, please email us at and provide this information. You will not be permitted to play unless this information is provided.

MBC’s COVID-19 Rules effective immediately:

  • Members must provide their email and phone number for contact tracing purposes. 
  • If you have been at the club in the last two weeks and are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms you must notify an executive of the club immediately (verbally to Vinu or Raj or emailing us at  We will in turn advise all MBC members and the Town of Milton.
  • Should more than 4 members test positive for COVID-19 in the same 14 day window, MBC will cease club operations for a two week period.
  • All members will have to sign in when they arrive and prior to playing on court and agree that neither they nor someone they have come in contact with in the last two weeks has been diagnosed or exhibited COVID-19 like symptoms.
  • Face masks are MANDATORY at all times when off the court/not playing.  You are required to supply your own mask.
  • Face masks are not required during game play.
  • While not playing, members are required to maintain a distance of no less than 6 feet apart between each other unless they live in the same household.
  • You will be required to apply antibacterial sanitizer before touching the game board to pick games and prior to playing a new game. The club will provide hand sanitizer; however, you are encouraged to provide your own.
  • Please do not come to the club if you are having any COVID-19-like symptoms.
  • You will be required to sign the COVID-19 Declaration every play night prior to play. This declaration is subject to change.
  • Shaking of hands after games will be replaced with a verbal acknowledgement or touching of the rackets.
  • We remain a doubles club.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, guests will not be permitted to join this season.
  • Other club rules remain in effect and can be found at

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