Winter Season Starts Tomorrow

This is a reminder that winter badminton begins tomorrow!

Please visit our calendar regularly to be aware of no-play dates.

There is still room for new members in the winter season.   For information on signing up, click here.

Please visit our new “Current Roster” page for a list of all our members for the current season.  If you aren’t listed but believe you should be or if you would prefer to not have your name visible on this page, please “Contact Us“.

In case you missed them, here are some answers to many questions that have been asked:

  1. Rules of the club can be found here.  Please take some time to review them before the new season starts.
  2. Moving forward, we will be allowing guests to drop in only once per season.  This is to allow that individual to test the club to see if it suits their needs while allowing paid members as much court time as possible.
  3. There will be 3 ranks of players: Blue, Red and Yellow.
    • All new players will be unranked for 4 weeks.  After 4 weeks, the executive team will establish the rank of that player.  Unranked players may select any level players for game play.
    • Ranked players must pick players no more than 1 level up for game play.
    • All rank changes (blue to red, red to yellow) will be initiated by the executive team.  Rank changes are granted based on the quality of play, sportsmanlike behaviour/willingness to play with others, and ‘spots’ available in the colour category.
  4. Name tags will be provided at the beginning of the season.  All members must bring and remove their name tag at the end of each play night.  Replacement tags will be provided at $5/tag.
  5. Any questions can be made in person to any member of the executive committee (Leanne, Raj, Saki or Vinu) or via email using the Contact Us form.

We are looking forward to a great season!

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