Correction:  Winter season ends March 28, 2019. Summer Season starts April 2, 2019 

Correction:  Winter season ends March 28. Summer Season starts April 2.  

Hi Folks,

Some miscellaneous housekeeping applicable to the summer season:

– The summer season starts April 2, 2019 at the velodrome.

– Remember to visit our website for blackout dates during the season.

– There will be 2 colour categories: Yellow and no-colour. The three colour system will likely be brought back in the winter season.

– There will be no drop-in badminton until further notice to allow paid members as much court time as possible.

Thank you to those who showed interest in club membership after February 25, 2019. Please mind our email updates to be notified of when we reopen membership (likely to be mid season).

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the new season!

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