Winter Membership is closed/The Board System

Welcome to all the new and old faces to the club!  Yesterday was an exciting start to the new season!

We’re happy to report that membership has hit capacity and membership for the Winter season is closed.  We will not be accepting new members at this time.  Additionally, dropins will not be permitted until further notice.


When a name reaches the top of the “Queue”, it is that member’s turn to pick. Please DO NOT pick on behalf of someone else.

When picking a game, a member must select 3 additional players from the top 10 players in the queue (not from “Wait 1”, “Wait 2” or “Wait 3” as those players have already been selected).

Pick balanced games and aim for having an even number of colours (e.g., 4 blue players, 4 red players, 2 red players and 2 blue players).

If a player is picked but would rather wait for a different game, that player’s name falls to the bottom of the queue and forfeits his/her “picking” turn.

If you notice someone not following these rules, you can let one of the execs know. That person will be reminded that of the rules to the board system. Otherwise, you may remind them kindly of these expectations.


All our members are good people!  Please show courtesy and respect on the court.  Don’t forget that we are all here to have fun!

Only ‘pick’ a game if your name is at the top of the queue. DO NOT pick for someone else.

“Wait 1” and “Wait 2” should be filled at all possible times to ensure as much play time as possible. Due to our limited facility time, please pick games quickly to avoid leaving any court(s) unattended.

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