Winter 2018/2019 Season Starts Tonight!

We are still taking memberships at this time.  Membership is $270 for the season (Oct – Mar) and payable by cheque to Leanne, Raj or Vinu only during play time.

Winter Badminton runs every Tuesday and Thursday at the Velodrome between 8:30 and 10:30 PM.

Things to know:

  • There will be NO dropins at this time.
  • New 2018 Winter name tags will be supplied this evening.  Members are responsible for their name tags.  Replacement tags are available at a small fee.
  • Colour promotion information can be found here.
  • Blackout dates can be found here.

Please see the current roster below.  If you believe you should be listed, but are not, please contact us.

Ahmed Mohsen
Al Pereira
Alfred Mathivathanan
Alok Anadkat
Amanda Conrad
Anish Makil
Arsalan Siddiqui
Atif Mangat
Binod Upadhaya
Brian Mereweather
Chetan Veerabhadraswamy
Darwesh Mangat
Dinesh Chinnaswamy
Dinesh Kumar
Gautan Thakur
Henedine Camins
Irfan Khan
Jay Black
Jean-Paul Paraiso
Jean-Paul Trafford
Jeleile Melegrito
Jennifer Kay
Jose Palakunnel
Junaid Akhtar
Lalit Jagasia
Laura Goodman
Leanne Ramirez
Lisa Halfpenny
Loujain Al Alul
Manpreet Singh
Maqbool Sheikh
Martin Kay
Muhammad Sarwar
Muhammad Iqbal
Nick Bhangal
Nirav Patel
Pranav Parikh
Praveen Penubaka
Raj Senghal
Ranjan Rao
Rob Ramirez
Roland King
Ross Morley
Ryan King
Saki Giannakopoulos
Shashi Sharma
Shefali Thakkar
Siva Sankaran
Sri Bhamidipati
Sumit Kharbanda
Sunil Kumar
Swathi Umesh
Tijo Jose
Vijay Venkatesan
Vineet Lal
Vinu George
Wendy Telford
Zaki Khan

7 thoughts on “Winter 2018/2019 Season Starts Tonight!

  1. Can you save a spot for my daughter and I will pay for both next time I see you?

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