About Last Thursday…

A message from Wendy:

Hello Badminton Friends,

I realize the situation with the number of courts last week was not ideal. Please accept our apology for all the trouble in getting our summer season started.

Tuesday, we had email confirmation from the Town that both gyms were ours, but the second gym was scooped up before our permit was officially filed by the Town in their system. The Town let us know their error Tuesday, and we shared the message with the club as soon as we found out.

As for Thursday, our permit was on file, however a few dates were accidentally omitted by the Town when they completed the permit, including Thursday. So once again, the gym was scooped up immediately. Our contact at the Town didn’t realize their error until after the fact, hence no message from us to you in advance.

We have sorted out all the permit issues with the Town, and there should be no more problems going forward. Raj, Vinu, Leanne and myself all have copies of the revised permit in hand, in case any questions arise at the Velodrome. We have 2 gyms for the rest of the summer.

Just as an aside, the Town originally assigned two gyms to us for the whole summer. When we didn’t have enough people registered to pay the summer downpayment by the Town deadline, we had to let go of the second gym. If everyone paid earlier, we would have had no issues with the permit. I know I sound like your mom wagging her finger, but you should know that the people who do the permits are very busy, and gym space (especially our time slot) is in HIGH demand.

The Town has actually been great with us… we are lucky to even have the second gym after giving it up earlier. Lots of people wanted our gym.

That being said, last week was frustrating for all of us. To those of you who were kind enough to register your complaints about last week in writing, we really appreciate it.

Thank you to those who emailed us your concerns.  I have forwarded your messages to the Town (verbatim but with names removed) to provide support for my request of a free night of play. That request has not been answered as of yet.

Please note… even if we do get a free night, at this point there would be no refund. The free night just gets us one step closer to covering our final bill for the summer permit!

So please thank your executive when you see them, because even though you’ve had some frustrations on the court, I can assure you, the work behind the scenes requires more effort than you might imagine, and it’s all on their own time.

Wishing you a fun, safe, social, and active season of summer badminton.

Thanks, as always, for your patience in moving toward smooth operations.

Wendy (on behalf of MBC executive)

One thought on “About Last Thursday…

  1. Thank you Raj, Vinu, Leanne, and Wendy, for all the work you do behind the scenes. We truly appreciate it and really look forward to badminton nights. Without your hard work we would all be sadly missing this opportunity. Thank you again!!


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