Summer Membership is Finalized (and don’t forget to RSVP for Social Night)

Hi Team,
We will be moving forward with one gym/3 courts for the 2018 Summer Season.  Please note that space was limited and the first to submit their payments were granted memberships (don’t shoot the messenger).  Special shout out to Raj who has volunteered to help setup/take down during our Summer Season.  Thanks Raj!
Guests will not be permitted for the month of May.
Summer 2018 Members
Al Pereira
Alfred Mathivathanan
Alok Anadkat
Aziz Mukhayar
Balraj Narang
Binod Upadhaya
Brian Mereweather
Carl Chan
Chirag Shah
Darwesh Mangat
Dinesh Kumar
Garret Condon
Harry (Harjot) Bajwa
Jenn Kay
Junaid Akhtar
Lalit Jagasia
Laura Goodman
Martin Kay
Muhammad Aamir Iqbal
Nirav Patel
Praveen Penubaka
Raj Sehgal
Ranjan Rao
Ravil Vaju
Rebecca Trischler
Saeed Sarwar
Stephen Burnett
Sumit Kharbanda
Swathi Rao
Thangaraja Kannan
Vijay Venkatesan
Vinu George
Kind reminder to the current Winter 2017/2018 Members of the Badminton Social Night.  Tonight is the last night to let us know if you’re going to join the fun or let the rest of us drink your beer!  Let us know you are coming by RSVPing here

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