Last Night for Summer Membership Fees

Thank you for all those who came and submitted their payment last Tuesday for the summer season.  Special thank you to those who came during the allotted time to allow me play time too!

This evening will be the last night to submit summer membership fees.  We must receive another 30 memberships to secure a second gym.  If 30 more memberships are not reached this evening, memberships received today will not be fulfilled and cheques will be responsibly destroyed at a reputable bank.   I hope we reach our second 30 member target!

Those who paid last Tuesday are guaranteed membership over the summer season and are listed below:

Al Dinesh Raj
Alfred Garret Ranjan
Alok Harry (Harjot) Ravil
Anish Jen Rebecca
Aziz Junaid Saeed
Balraj Lalit Sumit
Binod Laura Swathi
Brian Martin Thangaraja
Carl Muhammad Tijo
Chirag Nirav Vijay
Darwesh Praveen Vinu

To our current 2017-2018 Winter Members – don’t forget to RSVP before April 13, 2018 to our night of BS… I mean, our BS Night.  Information can be found here:

2 thoughts on “Last Night for Summer Membership Fees

  1. Leanne! How was the surgery? Martin and I still have a sitter for this Thurs (12th) and badminton is blacked out. Would you and JP like some company for a game of Euchre?? Let me know! I don’t know how else to reach you!


  2. Hi I just want to know still u are accepting new members or not.Thanks Ali 6477060489

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