The Colour System, The Board System and Friendly Reminders


The Summer Session of the Milton Badminton Club has three colour assignments of green (beginner), blue (intermediate) and red (advanced).

  1. The purpose of the colouring system is to facilitate more balanced and competitive games.
  2. The colours represent a player’s current abilities rather than his/her potential.
  3. The colours hold no prestige and are NOT to be used as a status symbol.
  4. New members are assigned the GREEN or BLUE colour.


  1. When a name reaches the top of the “Queue”, it is that member’s turn to pick.  Please DO NOT pick on behalf of someone else.
  2. When picking a game, a member must select 3 additional players from the top 10-15 players in the queue.
  3. Pick balanced games (e.g., 4 blue players, 4 red players, 2 red players and 2 blue players).
  4. If a player is picked but would rather wait for a different game, that player’s name falls to the bottom of the queue.


  1. All our members are good people!  Please show courtesy and respect on the court.  Don’t forget that we are all here to have fun!
  2. Only ‘pick’ a game if your name is at the top of the queue.  DO NOT pick for someone else.
  3. “Wait 1” and “Wait 2” should be filled at all possible times to ensure as much play time as possible.  Due to our limited facility time, please pick games quickly to avoid leaving any court(s) unattended.

Please forward any questions or concerns to Leanne or Wendy.




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